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House of Cards

Michael Dobbs has spent many years at the most senior levels of British politics, advising Mrs Thatcher, Cecil Parkinson and many other leading politicians. He worked as a journalist in the United States throughout the Watergate crisis, and after returning to London in 1975 played major roles in the general elections of 1979 and 1983, and was Chief of Staff at Conservative Party headquarters during the 1987 elections. He has a doctorate in defence studies. He is currently Deputy Chairman of Saatchi Saatchi and lives in London with his wife and young son. 'Pace and readability ... a well-written and well-constructed political thriller. Let's hope it is the firstof many Sunday Times The exciting new thriller that has Westminster buzzing ... here is a political-thriller writer with a marvellous inside track knowledge of government. House of Cards is fast-moving, revelatory and brilliant. ' Daily Express 'Watergate set in Westminster ... House of Cards must not be allowed to fall into the hands of impressionable Tory backbenchers.' Daily Telegraph 'Whipping up a storm... the thinking man's Jeffrey Archer.' Today 'Michael Dobbs' first novel makes an appalling tale of skulduggery at Westminster into a tremendously exciting affair ... he weaves his story convincingly with pace and style’ Newsline

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