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Chris Ward is killed in a car accident with a pretty girl. His wife never suspected that Chris was having an affair and her feeling of betrayal makes her want to find out how long it had been going on. But her investigations lead her into danger as she is stalked by the evil Sons of Midnight.

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Death Day

Beware the golden disk - it brings decay… destruction… death… Four hundred years ago, a woman died in agony to keep its secret and went to her rave with it hung around her neck. Now, in a desolate graveyard, a workman has unearthed the amulet by chance and decides to keep it. His first mistake… That night the village of Medford is plunged into a nightmare of terror by the discovery of a double murder and mutilation - the first in a series of shocking killings. Wherever the amulet is found, ancient evil - hideous, powerful and vile - is once again reborn…

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